Inclined calf

1 495€ HT

Inclined calf GymWorks

Incline chest press

1 795€ HT

Incline chest press GymWorks

Rotary torso

1 495€ HT

Rotary torso GymWorks

Seated bench

795€ HT

Seated bench GymWorks

Seated calf

1 495€ HT

Seated calf GymWorks

T-bar row with footrest

795€ HT

T-bar row with footrest GymWorks

Squat block

595€ HT

Squat block GymWorks

Free weight leg extension

1 095€ HT

Free weight leg extension GymWorks


1 495€ HT

Armwrestling GymWorks

Chest press

1 495€ HT

Chest press GymWorks

T-bar row

895€ HT

T-bar row GymWorks

Adjustable bench

795€ HT

Adjustable bench GymWorks

Multi hip

1 495€ HT

Multi hip GymWorks

Scott bench

795€ HT

Scott bench GymWorks

Adjustable abdominal bench

795€ HT

Adjustable abdominal bench GymWorks

Triceps station

1 495€ HT

Triceps station GymWorks

Shoulder press

1 495€ HT

Shoulder press GymWorks

Olympic shoulder bench

895€ HT

Olympic shoulder bench GymWorks

Roman chair

795€ HT

Roman chair GymWorks

Adjustable crunch bench

795€ HT

Adjustable crunch bench GymWorks